Learn at your own pace with pre-recorded lessons in Bidding, Declarer Play, and Defense, presented jointly by Audrey Grant and David Lindop. Watch the video and use the examples, deals, and quizzes to improve your bridge game. You can also download a comprehensive handout and use it as your reference guide.

Each lesson is divided into five segments. The concepts are explained in a clear and straightforward manner, supported with modern presentation graphics. At the end of the five segments, reinforce your understanding with a collection of instructional deals, together with a complete analysis of each deal.

Access the lesson recording anytime and from anywhere. It’s an easy and convenient way to learn and practice a new topic. 

Convention Card Tutorial

A unique and complimentary 70-minute introduction on how to fill out the convention card. It’s a beneficial tool to help you and your partner clarify the bidding methods and defensive carding agreements. The recommended conventions represent what are commonly played in today’s duplicate games using the Grant Standard and Grant Basic methods. The focus is on keeping things simple, natural, and flexible.

Two-Over-One Game Force

Get your partnership to the best game and slam contracts using Two-Over-One Game Force. All it requires is a slight modification to standard bidding methods, but the difference in your results can be dramatic. Instead of complicating the auction, Two-Over-One helps you simplify your partnership bidding conversation. Follow the five steps in this lesson, and you’ll see why Two-Over-One is considered mainstream by most expert players.

Slam Bidding Conventions

The conventional wisdom is to bid slams with at least 33 combined high-card points. However, high-card strength doesn’t guarantee a slam will make. Learn the differences between slams in notrump and slams in a suit contract. Know when location of high cards is more valuable than strength of a hand. Be sure you’re using the right slam bidding convention at the right time to get the results you want!

Minor Suit Conventions

After minor suit openings, the partnership is striving to play in a major suit or notrump contract. Not only do majors and notrump score better, they require fewer tricks. Sometimes, however, you may have to settle in a minor suit contract. Get to the right contract with confidence! Take advantage of popular conventions such as New Minor Forcing, Inverted Minors, and Splinter Raises to explore Where and How High the partnership belongs.

Preemptive Bids and the Subsequent Auction

Preemptive bids are very descriptive. They can come up in an opening bid, in a response to partner’s opening bid, or in competition. They can help your side bid constructively to your best contract and prevent the opponents from reaching their optimum spot. But there’s a delicate balance between aggressiveness and safety. Learn the basic rules for when preemptive bids apply, how high you should bid, and when to hold back.